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juuli 2010
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Arhiiv august uudiskiri

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Subject: August newsletter
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2010 11:42:29 +0300
From: Georg Ots Spa Hotel <info . gospa . ee>
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Dear customers!
The month of August gives You the opportunity to enjoy the last of the summer on the island with the most beautiful nature, friendliest people, and coolest events. GOSPA invites you to visit Saaremaa to participate in all the fun and to truly see that life’s experiences are more beautiful than material things!

The month of August sees another set of exciting events and activities in GOSPA and its surroundings.

Another Guitar Camp will take place from 2nd to 8th August at Kuressaare Gümnaasium, with interesting events also being held at the GOSPA lounge and in Sadhu cafe. One of the aims of the camp is to teach a creative and open approach towards music and offer new ideas and inspiration to all guitar aficionados!

From 30th July to 8th August, Saaremaa will host the Saaremaa Maritime Week, which has been inspired by all the exiting new and developed small harbours and active villages. The Saaremaa Maritime Week will culminate in the Kuressaare Maritime Festival, which will be held from 6th to 7th August and will offer an interesting programme for both adults and children. Read more .a href=”” target=”_blank”>here

On 13th August at 8 pm, GOSPA presents Meribel Müürsepp & Suveorkester who will perform orchestrations of jazz classics, which will be pleasant to all ears. 

On 14th August, the instructors of 360 Kraadi will take a 1-day kayak trip to the pearl of Estonian nature conservation – the island of Vilsandi. The island of Vilsandi and its surroundings are home to many species of birds. Other sites to see include the sea-shaped stony beaches and the unique coral coast by Vilsandi lighthouse.

Each Saturday, all are welcome to participate in the sea voyage to Hallirahu, one of the largest colonies of grey seal in Estonia. You can swim and experience the overwhelming feeling of snorkelling alongside the seals with the help of a qualified snorkelling instructor.

The golf season is on and those golfers who have yet to try the course at the Saaremaa Golf Centre can do so this August while the weather is still beautiful. What could be nicer than having an active holiday in nature? Read more .a href=”” target=”_blank”>here

Many of you have already discovered the charms of the GOSPA summer terrace and spent beautiful moments there enjoying the delicious food and refreshing cocktails. We welcome you to this summer’s favourite spot for GOSPA patrons! See the menu .a href=”” target=”_blank”>here

Wishing you beautiful summer experiences,


Tori 2, 93810 Kuressaare • tel (+372) 4550 000 • fax (+372) 4550 001 • .a href=”mailto:info . gospa . ee”>info . gospa . ee
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